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INFINITE IDEA - Sunggyu’s  Q&A


“I say this every time but, thank you so much, I really hope that we are together for a long time. If I was able to make a movie, I want to make it about protecting very important things. I guess it’s not too bad to protect Inspirits. Haha!”

» Must need items for when you go outside the country?

I don’t have things that I make sure I bring. My travel bag tends to stay on the light side. Underwear, socks, few clothes to change into ends it all. Also, since all my music is on my phone, I bring my phone.

» A long trip to America, what do you do during the flight?

I mostly listen to music with my eyes closed. Instead of soft songs, I tend to listen to fun songs. I let the beats take over my body and listen in a comfortable position.

» First destination America, how do you feel?

I can’t express it in words, but I would say I was excited. It’s my first time coming to America so everything seemed cool. I always wanted to come to this country called America. Hm….Las Vegas was a city built on the desert so it’s dry and it gave me endless skin problems. I hope you carry some body lotion when you come here. I couldn’t take the dryness and ended up buying some where I was.

» What did you do when you first arrived?

I ate burgers with our CEO and a few of my members, and it seemed like they didn’t taste any different than the ones back home. It was a bit big but I still ended up eating it all. The meat was a bit salty, kalbi, and steak were all a bit too salty so be careful of your sodium levels!

» When you go to America again, with whom and with what purpose do you want to go?

With two or three friends, I want to go around and have fun. Not a backpacking type of trip but more of a comfortable kind of trip. I think that vacations should be about having fun, being able to rest, and have healing time.

» Do you have any places, scenes etc. that you remember well?

I liked the house we had part of our photoshoot in. ‘I want to live in a place like this. If I want to live in a place like this, will it take longer?’ were the thoughts that ran through my head. I really liked it, and the view was nice.

» A hero you really wanted to see in Hollywood?

Iron Man! You don’t have to say anything else. The wish to fly up into the sky with the Iron Man suit on is the same for any child and adult. Our desire to want to fly has been in the humans’ DNAs for a long time.

» What if, instead of being a singer, you became an artist for a different workforce?

Well….I don’t have a hand in art at all, would that work? I would have 2~3 times more pain than others from trying to think of new things. It’s one of my weak points. I wasn’t born with the ability to sing well so I had to practice really hard to come to this point…If I wasn’t a singer, I don’t think I wouldn’t be able to dream of being an artist at all. My voice is full of shyness so it’s a surprise I’m a leader of a group, pulling others along.

» Sungkyu, the person who doesn’t enjoy moving around, wasn’t lazy about what in America?

When I sleep (*laughter*). I wanted to sleep whenever I got the time. Truthfully, we were so busy that I didn’t have time to be lazy. It’s a place I went for the first time so looking around was cool I liked touring. I even asked the others to go outside to look around with me. In Las Vegas, I went outside in the morning by myself and went on walks. And that’s me who doesn’t like to exercise at all. I’m amused by what I’ve done. Although, I went too far while walking and had to take the taxi back.

» If you wanted to take a memorable vacation with your members, where would you go?

With my members, I want to go on a place close, not far. I want to go to Jeju Island with them. I want to go comfortably and have fun.

» Where is a place you really want to go as a vacation?

Personally, I want to go to Russia. It’s a dream country. I like Winter a lot and Russia’s a cold place. It’s a place where not a lot has been told of. I want to ride trains and enjoy the place. It’ll be new.

To the members (dongsaengs) I love,

I’m thankful for Dongwoo always being so bright and happy and taking the role as the second oldest. Woohyun, I’m thankful for always filling in the things I missed. You’re manly, and you take on the role of a main vocal very well and I thank you for that. Hoya, I thank you for taking it so well when you’re stuck between the oldest and the youngest, it must be hard. (*laughter*) Also, L, I’m proud to see you enjoy your hobby and even releasing a book. You got to film a commercial by yourself, I’m jealous and I hope you take us out to eat one day. When I see Sungyeol acting so well, I realize that you’re talented at many things, and I hope that you continue to work hard. I’m thankful that Sungjong takes care of his older members so well, being the youngest. Sometimes, I feel like you’re the leader. (*laughter*)

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